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Pricing Guide

Size, Quantity, Location, and Access Matter!

The cost for tree services can vary and may seem costly at times. It's important to note that insurance and equipment costs play a considerable role in pricing - both of which are necessary to deliver quality services. Other key factors that drive pricing include tree/stump size, species, age, location, and access. See additional detail in the pricing considerations below or give us a call us to discuss your needs and schedule a free estimate today.

Pricing Considerations

General Removal Considerations

As the section header above implies, the size and relative access of a tree/stump does matter. Baseline or average estimates are generally based on providing service in locations that provide easy access for large/heavy equipment and ample room to work. Special consideration must be given to poor, dangerous, or awkward positioning and limited access situations. Jobs that increase time, risk, and/or danger will clearly impact the overall cost.

Multi-Tree/Stump Discount

We do offer a discount for grinding/removing multiple stumps and/or trees on a single property.

Stump Grinding/Removal Estimates

Stump grinding/removal estimates are based on the full diameter of the stump - measured from the widest point, which includes the above-ground root base (as shown to the right).

Storm Clean-up/Fallen Tree Estimates

Storm clean-up and fallen tree estimates will vary, depending on the relative situation, including complexity and tree size (see average size/height table provided). As indicated above, complex jobs that increase time, risk, and/or danger will clearly impact the overall cost.

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